Why I'm not wearing a mask

I (ever so slightly) adapted a post I see popping up all over the place. I personally don’t mind if you wear a mask or something else that makes you believe you’re doing “the right thing”. I can’t wear a mask because of health issues. I tried in order to keep the peace, but I couldn’t breathe well enough within seconds of wearing the thing. But here is the point I’m trying to make. You might be convinced that wearing a mask will stop the virus from spreading. You might believe that you’re “protecting others”. It is your right to believe that. It is my right to not believe that you are “protecting others”. So please, please don’t wear a mask for my sake! Whilst I don’t run around the place pointing the finger at folk who wear their masks (sometimes painfully obvious that it’s the same mask over and over), please don’t bother me with your fear driven rhetoric about why I should be wearing one. For every argument for the mask, there are many against it. I’m not sure why folk don’t at least look at evidence based research, and just follow what they’re being told by their Governments. Governments who 4 or 5 months ago, at the height of folk dying told you that you should not be wearing a mask. Governments who for centuries have been killing folk, stealing from folk, lying to folk, and lots more. Now all of a sudden those same Governments are telling us the truth? I’m sorry, and I don’t mind if you call me a conspiracy theorist. I might even start folding alloy foil hats if that makes you feel better, but I don’t buy in to all the crap we’re told. It’s that simple. Love to you all. 

Why I am not wearing a mask - 

📷 I like to not just follow ill advice from Governments who lie, u-turn, and spread fear instead of reassure people. 

📷 I don’t “live in fear” of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem. 

📷 I feel like the “government is trying to control us”. 

📷 It’s not all about me and my comfort. 

📷 If we all could ignore the Government’s simple steps, the fear could be under control, and we could have businesses back open. 

📷 Not wearing a mask makes makes me not complicit with ill research. 

📷 Not wearing a mask doesn’t hide my identity. 

📷 Not wearing a mask does NOT show that I am denying the virus, but that I live with the acceptance that there is a virus (one of many), which is currently not killing people. 

📷 Not wearing a mask says, “don’t wear a mask for me”, even if you believe the current Government narrative. It makes me considerate.