WHaT iT wAS lIKe (bErLIn iN theM '80s)

Balou: "I loved Berlin in the 1980s. We had everything, but most of all, very strong communities of independent punks, squatters, alternatives, and hippies. All living for free in Kreuzberg, occupying disused, but otherwise totally perfect houses in Berlin. Hey - they called them places social housing, even though nobody was living there. Here's a little insight into squatting in Kreuzberg in the '80s. Of course governments don't like Anarchists, although I'd like to call us Voluntaryists because everything we did, we did voluntarily and there were no rulers. The Berlin Senat (at that time West Berlin wasn't strictly a part of West Germany, because it was in the middle of East Germany, and in the occupied zone that was established by the allies after World War II. It all ended in a nightmare and I left in '87 when the Polizei (police) started to hunt us and caused us serious bodily harm. I was a revolutionary, but not mad, and I knew our uprising was lost then"