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WhAT iF tHeY weRe aLL WrONg? 

Morning Isolators. Hope you’re having an agreeable day within the confinement’s of our (almost) lockdown. So many things are happening and yet, nothing seems to actually happen. The lockdown and COVID-19 has us totally forget the air strikes in Syria, the manufactured situation in Iraq, terrorism... Oh, and what abou Brexit, nobody ever mentions Brexit anymore?... Famines, folk dying of hunger, cancer, road traffic accidents, old age, and yes - the flu as well. Why? Because we’re told so. It’s that simple, it’s only because we’re told so! It’s important to try and be safe and to protect ourself from any infectious illness, and I’m all for that, but most of the time - let’s face it, we won’t even know what virus we’re carrying, and spreading. But I feel I’m beginning to understand a little about what I’m observing. 

I believe deep inside most folk really don’t want to be free to make their own decisions, and then live (or die) with the consequences. Deep inside, folk want to be advised, looked after, ruled and governed. Anything but be self reliant and responsible! Glad to pay taxes, even though we’ve already worked for our money and yet folk still happily go to the ballot boxes and cast their votes for the Government which is definitely going to screw all of us but, we’re hoping the one who deserves our vote, might just do it a little more gently than the opposition. Who knows they might even use a nice lube and make some of us feel almost good about it. Now they are talking about mandatory vaccinations, and I’m already hearing the shouts out there: “but it’ll make us all able to... what, leave this imposed house arrest?! So, to avoid the government imposed lockdown, we are allowing the government to physically assault us...  

Our rights have already been cut and many of them taken away. Governments in most places are now able to just come into our houses, test us for the virus and treat us, if necessary against our will. Is that really the right thing to do?! Why does that not bother anybody. Until now, 275 000 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 worldwide. That’s out of 7.594 billion people (2018 figures). So far, almost 21 million people have already died this year alone on this planet, and not of CoronaVirus. Coincidentally, there are actually more cars, and more than twice as many bicycles being produced every year on the planet, than people die. Let’s just for a moment actually look at these numbers, who are verified by Governments all around the globe and displayed live on 

We are born and we die. I feel so terribly sorry for anybody who loses a loved one. One of my best friend’s dad died last Saturday of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer ranks as the 11th most common cancer in the world, killing 432,242 people annually (2018 figures), and 4.5% of all deaths are caused by cancer. Ok so cancer is not known to be a contagious disease, but flu is. Yes I know CoronaVirus Is not a flu, so they say. The almighty WHO states on their “Global Infectious Deseases Fact Sheet that: “Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year” why are we not closing all the world for the flu season each year?!  

What if they were all wrong about the measures taken? What if the spikes in the death rates are BECAUSE of the lock down. They’re still not saying “died of” or “died with” Corona Virus, they are just known as CoronaVirus deaths. However it would be an important figure to know, I would imagine. US studies show that folk, and yes most of them over 65, who had flu vaccinations over the past 5 years test positive for the virus, yet, the same folk, when tested 2 - 3 times thereafter and within a short period of time, might test positive or negative. What does that tell us?  

I do not pretend to understand viruses, bacteria etc, but I do understand (at least) some numbers, and them numbers do not make much sense, nor do I trust that those same numbers warrant the worldwide reactions. What if they were just wrong and did in fact overreact? I doubt they’d come out and just declare it. That would be the right thing to do, but we’re talking about State and Governments here, and state and government always works for state and government. 

So many questions, not many answers. One thing is for sure, and that is that our rights are being well tampered with. Some rights have already been taken, others are still to follow. Doesn’t that bother anybody?

Momentary Living 

You know life is a strange phenomenon. We start of, thinking we will live forever. That lasts until we hit 40, 45 or so, when mortality peeps around the corner. Some of our friends get ill, some die young. We get ill, let ourselves go a bit... By now, all of us wish we had done things differently. It was only when I reached about 50, that I realised, I must live in the moment - now - because it is all that I have. The past is only an interpretation of what happened, and the future might just, and one day, will for sure, happen without me... And yet, I am the fortunate one! I received several warnings from my body. Hell - I even died a little once, but I am not talking about mortality now. I have really shaken off some very difficult habits. Living without a mum, a wife, a womb... I have truly become a single parent, and for that I am immensely grateful, and I enjoy this privilege every day. I posted this here photo earlier on today, so forgive my indulgence, for I am a proud, single parent! A father of 3, and although Miles seems to be always with me, know this, my children are in my bones, always, and no amount of vindictiveness, hate nor regret can keep them out of there! How did I get here? I do not really know. But I do know that being a father is more than being a sperm-supplier, more that a work-horse to bring in the biggest lie of them all - money! How lucky I am to be where I am today? Without a penny, just getting by - sometimes with a little help from my best friend...Funny, whatever shit hits the fan I never ran out of ideas, in this case only a simple idea... Anyway, being a single dad has helped me to see things clearer, without the dependency on another woman... Blessed and fortunate I feel, and so should you! You who like I, are privileged to look after a young life for a while. Yes it is sometimes difficult, but honestly, I have never worked a day in my life as a father. A father I am, a single and proud father! This is life, and I love it! Take care my Possums, and look after each other... Balou 🐻

New Year's Resolution?... 

#StarvedPeasant I’ve been asked what my New Year’s resolution is for 2020. I don’t have one. Instead I have a dream. A dream about the ending of violence and armed conflict. I want to be able to once again just travel to Damascus, maybe help rebuild Aleppo, see that the children in those regions don’t grow up with the same hate which caused us to the distraction of this truly beautiful country in the first place. I beg you to think really honest and hard about it. If you’re a refugee hater, please leave my pages, because you’re beyond help and are clearly deprived of humanity, like the rest of the greedy haters who caused this impossible to explain war. I wish for our politicians to stop! Just stop! Never mind about Brexit, and all the other distractions, but please, just stop! Trade will find a way and travelling around Europe was well and truly possible before the EU, and it will be again. I’m convinced of that. But back to this point. Do you realise that every time you people vote, you sanction this genocide? Every time you mark the paper with your “democratic” pens you help destroy ancient and magnificent cultures, and plant generations of hate. Can’t you see that?! Please STOP! - Balou a.k.a. The Starved Peasant 🐻